Monday, March 1, 2010

Something Beautiful: A Numana Event

Today at our school, we had a Numana event. A multitude of cheerful people planned and supervised this great event. Children carried in banners with colorful handprints declaring their intent to do "something beautiful for God." All day first graders to middle schoolers donned hair nets, aprons, and gloves and worked cooperatively scooping, spooning, weighing, sealing, and packing these meals that are to be sent to Haiti. The word is, by next Friday, the packaged meals meant to feed up to 6 will be in the hands of our seriously hungry brothers and sisters in Haiti. At 4 o'clock parents and parishioners showed up (the saints kept marching in) and the gong went off as we celebrated every 5,000 meals boxed and ready to fly.

It was a wonderful event to be privvy to. We started the morning by getting our hands blessed and many ended in early evening with tired hands and dusty feet. But hearts were focused on the intent of the day. "Together, we can do something beautiful for God." (Mother Teresa)

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